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Snappy development environment + Jenkins for Ubuntu 16.04
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Changelog - 2016/04/18
1.Move davfs2 installation to
2.Tag v7

Changelog - 2016/03/30
1.Start Jenkins service by
2.Tag v6

Changelog - 2016/03/16
1.Fix entrypoint
2.Tag v5

Changelog - 2016/03/15
1.Fix entrypoint
2.Tag v2

Changelog - 2016/03/15
1.A capability to build a Snappy image (based on 16.04)
2.A capability to run Jenkins (default port: 8080)
3.How to run this image by docker, refer
4.Some steps need to do by manual, refer
5.QEMU-KVM support
6.Tag v1

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