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"Changin' X" (nginx, confd, etcd): a web server proxy for mixed language API backends
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"Changin' X" is an nginx web server proxy that auto-configures with various mount points for backend services that want to appear to be on the same domain. For instance, you could:

  • host a Ruby API at /library/*
  • host a Python API at /library/misc/*
  • host a NodeJS API at /books/*

Each of these "routes" would be seamlessly served via the same nginx server, without the need for tedious configuration.

To start chaNginx:

docker run -d --name changinx -p 80:80 wordtree/changinx

When an API backend container starts up, it announces itself to the etcd server inside "Changin' X" and confd promptly re-writes the nginx conf file to accommodate the new service.

See for an example API service backend announcing itself to chaNginx.

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