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BipIO is a Billion Instructions Per I/O - For People and Robots.
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Docker Files for BipIO Server


Before you can install & run BipIO, you'll also need to set up a data directory to persist your data and logs.

mkdir ~/data
mkdir ~/data/db
mkdir ~/data/server_logs
mkdir ~/data/var
mkdir ~/data/etc

Option 1 - Grab 'n Go

docker pull wotio/bipio

First, Set up Bipio (this sets up configurations and data volumes)

docker run -it -v ~/data:/data -p 5000:5000 wotio/bipio

[note: that during the build process you will be asked a series of prompts the first time the BipIO docker container is run to configure some of the basic settings.]

Then, To Start Container and run Bip.IO

docker run -d -v ~/data:/data -p 5000:5000 wotio/bipio

Option 2 - DIY

If you're slightly more adventurous, you can build BipIO yourself:

Repo for the docker container is available here

Repo for the Bip.IO Server is available here

Docker Pull Command