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Application designed to convert a spreadsheet of light cues into USITT ASCII for lighting consoles
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#Cue descriptions to ASCII

This application is designed to convert a spreadsheet of light cue descriptions into
USITT ASCII for import into a lighting console. The resulting show file will insert
numbered cues, times, follows, and links. The provided cue description will be appended
to the console cue text description field.

##Usage information

  • Column name detection is case in-sensitive.
  • The order of columns does not matter.
  • Columns not described here will be ignored.
  • You should clear your existing console cues before attempting to import a
    generated show; the generated file will not clear them for you.
  • Because most spreadsheet applications do not allow you to export multiple sheets
    into a single CSV file, users utilizing multiple sheets will need to
    upload each sheet individually.

##Example spreadsheet

#####Column format specifications are below.
Cue | Description | Pg | Time | Follow | Link
--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |---
.5 | House Lights | 1 | 3 | |
1 | House Half | | 5 | 10 |
1.5 | Blackout | | 3/5F10 | |
2 | Top of show | 1 | 5/10 | |
3 | Spooky look | 5 | 10\5 | |
P1 | Front light | | 15 | |
5 | Blackout | 10 | 3.5 | | 1.5

##Format Details

Accepted values: Any number

Example: 1, 1.5, 4.22

Note: Rows without a Cue entry will be ignored

####Part cues
Part cues are defined by P[part number] (e.g. P1)

Note: Parts are assumed to belong to the closest Cue number preceding them

#####Part cue example:

Cue _
P2 (Cue 1 Part 2)
P3 (Cue 1 Part 3)
P2 (Cue 2 Part 2)

Accepted values: Any text.
Total length must be less than 75 characters. Excess characters will be truncated.

###Page or pg
Accepted values: Any text.
This gets appended to the cue description. Total length of cue description and Page
must be less than 70 characters. Excess characters will be truncated.

Accepted values: [time]; [up]/[down]; [up][down]

Example: 3, 4/6, 5\10

Note: If a single number is specified, it will be used for both up and down times

Caution: This app will accept and output decimal times (e.g. 4.5)
but only you know if your console supports them. Tread lightly.

####Follow times
Optional: You may also specify cue Follows in this column using the format time]:
F[follow time]

Example: 4F10, 4/5F10

Accepted values: Any number

Caution: This app does not verify that the linked cue actually exists

Accepted values: Any number

Note: Follows can also be specified in the Time column.
See Time column for more information

##Compile and run it yourself
There are no special instructions for building this project.
Simply run go build main.go from the source directory.

By default, the application will listen on port 80.
If you wish to change the default port, you can do so in main.go

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