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Apache Solr configured for Typo3 solr extension with 35 languages installed (obi12341/solr-typo3)
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Solr configured for Typo3

If you are using EXT:solr = 4.0 please use solr-typo3:4.10.4-2

If you are using EXT:solr = 5.0 please use solr-typo3:4.10.4-3

If you are using EXT:solr = 5.1 please use solr-typo3:4.10.4-4

Just use this command to start the container. Solr will listen on port 8282.

docker run -d -p 8282:8080 writl/solr-typo3:4.10.4-4

If you want to run in production you should better use this:

docker run -d --restart="always" -p writl/solr-typo3:4.10.4-4

If you want to store the data persistent you have to run it like that:

docker run -d --restart="always" -p -v <dir>:/opt/solr-tomcat/solr/typo3cores/data writl/solr-typo3:4.10.4-4

In the solr extension you can put these paths:


Available languages:

core_en english
core_de german
core_ar arabic 
core_hy armenian 
core_eu basque
core_bp brazilian_portuguese 
core_bg bulgarian 
core_my burmese 
core_ca catalan 
core_zh chinese 
core_cs czech 
core_da danish 
core_nl dutch 
core_fi finnish
core_fr french
core_gl galician
core_el greek 
core_hi hindi 
core_hu hungarian 
core_id indonesian
core_it italian
core_ja japanese
core_km khmer
core_ko korean
core_lo lao
core_no norwegian
core_fa persian
core_pl polish
core_pt portuguese
core_ro romanian
core_ru russian
core_es spanish 
core_sv swedish
core_th thai
core_tr turkish
core_uk ukrainian
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