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ElasticSearch for iMon (iRODS monitoring framework)
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iMon (iRODS Monitoring framework)

iRODS monitor framework running based on EFK (ElasticSearch, Flume, and Kibana).


  • Flume agent on each iRODS server sends rodsLog to port 10000 on Flume container.

  • istats collects statistical information from each iRODS server by using python-irodsclient and sends it to port 9000 on Flume container every 10 minutes.

  • You can check these information on Kibana dashboards:

    • rodsLog dashboard on the Discovery tab.

    • Statistical usage dashbard on the Dashboard tab:

      • Number of Objects: per resource, per user

      • Object size: per resource, per user

      • Number of Accesses: per user, per access-from

      • Number of Errors: per error status

      • Number of Users


  • Execute following commands on your Docker host and you will have iMon environment:
  • Above shell script boots all necessary services including iRODS as Docker containers.

  • And then iRODS users and objects are created automatically every miniute for the demo.

  • You can browse Kibana monitoring page on https://DOCKER_SERVER .

    • Go to Discover page and open rodslog search.

    • Go to Dashboard page and open tempZone dashboard.

Monitoring against existing iRODS

  • Boot containers on your Docker host:
docker run -d --name elasticsearch -v "$PWD"/es_data:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data wtakase/elasticsearch-imon:1.7
docker run -d --name flume -p 9000:9000 -p 10000:10000 --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch wtakase/flume-imon:1.6
docker run -d --name kibana -e ELASTICSEARCH_URL=https://${DOCKER_SERVER}/es wtakase/kibana-imon:4.1
docker run -d --name httpd -p 443:443 -e DOCKER_HOST=${DOCKER_SERVER} --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch --link kibana:kibana wtakase/httpd-imon:2.4
  • Exec following shell script and set cron job for iRODS log rotation
echo "*/10 * * * * root /path/to/imon/docker/icat/" >> /etc/crontab
  • Install Flume (flume-ng and flume-ng-agent) to your iRODS server.

  • Put /path/to/imon/docker/icat/flume.conf to /path/to/flume/conf on your iRODS server and replace FLUME_HOST with your Docker hostname.

    • Any requests to port 10000 on your Docker host will be redirected to Flume container's port.
  • Start Flume service with the flume.conf.

  • Boot istats container with your iRODS server IP (replace below) and password (replace xxxxx below):

docker run -d --name istats --link flume:flume -e -e IRODS_PASSWORD=xxxxx wtakase/istats


  • All Docker images are built by using docker/xxx/Dockerfile.
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