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An unofficial V2Ray Dockerfile, Shadowsocks is also available.
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This image builds the latest stable version of V2ray, based on latest Alpine image(A lightweight Linux). It allows you specify UUID for v2ray as first image provides.
But it also allows you start a shadowsocks server with specified method, passphrase and upd option.

Quick Start

docker run -d -p 10086:10086/tcp wtlusvm/V2Ray-Docker:latest

Custom Options

Of course, you can customise your own V2Ray server by pass some optional parameters to docker:

docker run -d -p 10086:10086/tcp -p 10086:10086/udp -p 10010:10010/tcp -p 10010:10010/udp wtlusvm/dockerfiles:v2ray -p 10086 -uu 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 --kcp true --alterid 64 --ss-port 10010 -m aes-256-cfb -k passphrase --udp true

Option explanation

-p                  specify server port for v2ray, by default is 10086.
--ss-port           specify server port for shadowsocks, by default is 10010.
-aid | --alterid    specify alterId for v2ray, by default is 64.
--kcp               kcp option for v2ray, by default is false.
-uu                 specify UUID for v2ray, by default is random.
-m                  encrypt method for shadowsocks, by default is aes-256-cfb.
-k                  encrypy passphrase for shadowsocks, YOU HAVE TO SPECIFY IT.
--udp               udp option for shadowsocks, by default is false.
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