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This project contains a quick starter kit for Facebook React Single Page Apps with Golang server side render and also with a set of useful features for rapid development of efficient applications.

What it contains?

  • server side render via go-duktape
  • api requests between your react application and server side application directly via fetch polyfill for go-duktape at server side, and it is possible to process requests with user session as well
  • title, Open Graph and other domain-specific meta tags render for each page at the server and at the client
  • server side redirect
  • embedding static files into artefact via bindata
  • high performance echo framework
  • advanced cli via cli
  • Makefile based project
  • one(!) terminal window process for development
  • routing via react-router
  • ES6 & JSX via babel-loader with minimal runtime dependency footprint
  • redux as state container
  • redux-devtools
  • stylus css styles without global namespace via css-loader & css-modules
  • separate css file to avoid FOUC
  • hot reloading via react-transform & HMR
  • webpack bundle builder
  • eslint and golint rules for Makefile


fswatch build for Ubuntu 15.x

tar -xzf fswatch-1.7.0.tar.gz
cd fswatch-1.7.0
tar -gzf fswatch-1.7.0.tar.gz
make clean
sudo ldconfig

Note that probably not works at windows.


Clone the repo:

$ git clone && cd go-starter-kit

Install javascript dependencies:

$ npm i

Install Golang dependencies:

$ go get
$ go get

You will get this output after go get app, at the first time:

server/app.go:64: undefined: Asset
server/app.go:65: undefined: AssetDir
server/react.go:191: undefined: Asset

don't worry about this, see this comment.

Start dev server:

$ make serve

that's it. Open http://localhost:5001/(if you use default port) at your browser. Now you ready to start coding your awesome project.


Install dependencies and just type NODE_ENV=production make build. This rule is producing webpack build and regular golang build after that. Result you can find at $GOPATH/bin.


  • [x] migrate from react-hot-loader to react-transform-hmr
  • [x] update react to 0.14.x
  • [x] update react-router to 1.x
  • [x] render final HTML markup at Golang side
  • [x] migrate from Flummox to Redux
  • [ ] migrate from Stylus to PostCSS
  • [x] migrate from Gin to Echo
  • [ ] improve README and write an article to describe the project


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