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expandr - For people who like real urls.

expandr is a tiny web service that expands shortened urls into their
actual form. It's for people who like to see where the links they click
on go.

Important: This project is not yet ready for world domination. If
you'd like to use a real version of this thing, use one
of the


If you have docker, run docker run -it --rm -p 3000:5000 wunderseltsam/expandr
and have a look at http://localhost:3000/help.

Otherwise, you'll have to build it yourself:

# You need the Haskell Platform for this
$ cabal build
$ ./dist/build/expandr/expandr
# Visit

Alternatively, if you're developing this thing, the following might be

# 1. Install the necessary dependencies
$ cabal install --only-dependencies
# 2. Build and run
$ make
$ ./expandr
# 3. Improve it, go to 2.
# 4. Use ghci/vim-hdevtools/whatever-makes-you-happy


  • testing (functional, performance)
  • deploy this somewhere

  • maybe invalidate cached urls (e.g. check the response code, store the
    cached url accordingly and invalidate if needed)

  • more shorteners
  • browser extension (which is actually why I've written this thing)
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