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FROM anapsix/alpine-java ARG kafka_version=1.0.0 ARG scala_version=2.12 MAINTAINER wurstmeister RUN apk add --update unzip wget curl docker jq coreutils ENV KAFKA_VERSION=$kafka_version SCALA_VERSION=$scala_version ADD /tmp/ RUN chmod a+x /tmp/ && sync && /tmp/ && tar xfz /tmp/kafka_${SCALA_VERSION}-${KAFKA_VERSION}.tgz -C /opt && rm /tmp/kafka_${SCALA_VERSION}-${KAFKA_VERSION}.tgz && ln -s /opt/kafka_${SCALA_VERSION}-${KAFKA_VERSION} /opt/kafka VOLUME ["/kafka"] ENV KAFKA_HOME /opt/kafka ENV PATH ${PATH}:${KAFKA_HOME}/bin ADD /usr/bin/ ADD /usr/bin/ ADD /usr/bin/ # The scripts need to have executable permission RUN chmod a+x /usr/bin/ && \ chmod a+x /usr/bin/ && \ chmod a+x /usr/bin/ # Use "exec" form so that it runs as PID 1 (useful for graceful shutdown) CMD [""]
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