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Containerized Taskwarrior server
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Docker-Taskd is a containerized Taskwarrior server.


If there are no keys provided in ./taskd/pki,
the server will generate self-signed certificates
based on the details specified in the docker-compose.yml.



Starting server

For the initial start, make sure to provide certificates or check the
certificate values in docker-compose.yml.

docker-compose up -d

Remember the container id (refered to as $container),
it's printed as Creating $container.

Starting without docker-compose

If you can't or don't want to use docker-compose, run

docker run -d --name taskd \
  -p 53589:53589 \
  -v $PWD/taskd:/var/taskd \
  -e CERT_CN="taskd" \
  -e CERT_ORGANIZATION="some org" \
  -e CERT_STATE="Bavaria" \
  -e CERT_LOCALITY="Munich" \

Stopping server

docker-compose stop

Creating a user on server

To create a new user named $username (whitespaces allowed)
as member of the group $group (no whitespaces allowed) and
create a set of keys with file prefix $user (no whitespaces allowed):

Open a shell on the server

docker exec -it $container sh

The container name $container is printed on startup.

Create a new group (if not done)

If you want to use an existing group, skip this step. Don't use
whitespaces in the group name $group.

taskd add org '$group'

Add user to group

taskd add user '$group' '$username'

This will print New user key: $cred.
Copy this value, it's used on the client.

Create keys for the new user

cd pki
gosu taskd ./generate.client $user`

The generated files can be found in ./taskd/pki

Configuration on client

Copy the files ca.cert.pem, $user.cert.pem and
$user.key.pem to the client.

Editing .taskrc

Add the following configs to your .taskrc:

task config taskd.certificate $pathTo/$user.cert.pem
task config taskd.key $pathTo/$user.key.pem
task config $pathTo/ca.cert.pem
task config taskd.server $host:53589
task config taskd.credentials $group/$username/$cred

Initialize synchronization

task sync init

This is only necessary once.
Following synchronizations will be done with task sync.


Taskwarrior docs

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