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Docker image for Kudu
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Docker image for Kudu

What is Kudu?

Kudu is an open source storage engine for structured data which supports low-latency random access together with effi- cient analytical access patterns. Kudu distributes data using horizontal partitioning and replicates each partition using Raft consensus, providing low mean-time-to-recovery and low tail latencies. Kudu is designed within the context of the Hadoop ecosystem and supports many modes of access via tools such as Cloudera Impala, Apache Spark, and MapReduce.

How to use this image?

The Easy Way

Using docker-compose

docker-compose up -d

Starting a Kudu console

docker run --rm -it --link kududocker_kudu-tserver_1:kudu_tserver -e KUDU_TSERVER=kudu_tserver kunickiaj/kudu cli status

The Long Way

Pull this Docker image

docker pull kunickiaj/kudu

(Optional) Building this Docker image

docker build -t kunickiaj/kudu .

(Optional) Create Data containers

docker create --name kudu-master-data -v /data/kudu-master kunickiaj/kudu
docker create --name kudu-tserver-data -v /data/kudu-tserver kunickiaj/kudu

Starting the Kudu Master

docker run -d --name kudu-master -p 8051:8051 kunickiaj/kudu master

Starting the Kudu TabletServer

docker run -d --name kudu-tserver -p 8050:8050 --link kudu-master \
  -e KUDU_MASTER=kudu-master kudu tserver

Tailing the logs

docker logs -f kudu-master
docker logs -f kudu-tserver

Starting a Kudu console

docker run --rm -it --link kudu_tserver -e KUDU_TSERVER=kudu_tserver kunickiaj/kudu cli status

Accessing the web interfaces

Each component provide its own web UI. Open you browser at one of the URLs below, where dockerhost is the name / IP of the host running the docker daemon. If using Linux, this is the IP of your linux box. If using OS X or Windows (via Docker-Machine), you can find out your docker host by typing docker-machine ip default.

Component Port
Master http://dockerhost:8051
TabletServer http://dockerhost:8050

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