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Docker image that has XLD installed, mounts your source code and executes compilation using gradle wrapper.
After compilation it starts XLD and links the ext folder to your plugin.


Supported tags

  • latest, v7.5.0.1
  • v7.2.0.1
  • v7.1.0.1
  • v7.0.0.1
  • v6.2.1.1
  • v6.0.2.1
  • v6.0.1.2
  • v6.0.0.1
  • v5.5.5.7


docker run -p 4516:4516 -v ~/myproject:/data -v ~/xl-licenses:/license -v ~/.xlgradle:/root/.gradle xebialabs/xld_dev_run


  • data: Mountpoint pointing to root directory of your plugin.
  • xl-licenses: Folder containing the XLD license.
  • xlgradle: Is used to cache gradle dependencies.

Initialize and testing

  • Put a script under src/test/resources/docker/intialize/ and it will be invoked using the CLI at XLD startup
  • Put some pytest scripts under src/test/resources/dockes/tests and they will be executed within the CLI using pytest. Results will be stored in /data/build/tests/results/junit.xml.
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