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pydio (AjaXplorer) -

The point of this pydio is for personal use. Pydio support very large installations, but the meaning of this container is to use it for your home-needs.

There is a trusted docker-build made from ( which is from upsteam the reason I made this is:

  • It did not work
  • It had many build-steps
  • Wanted to use my own template for supervisord containers
  • Wanted centos7
  • Run as non-root behind port 8080
  • No sshd
  • No database.. (but sqlite support is in)
  • No SSL, as this will be done by a reverse proxy
  • Many libs for using the different plugins.


  • Warnings/Errors at installation
    • Missing "Server charset encoding"


  • docker run -d -v ${PWD}/pydio_data:/data xeor/pydio
    • To mount other directores, use something other than /data. /data is for all the pydio configuration (if you want it persistant).
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