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  • Original from, but;

    • The original did a 'FROM node' which installs Debian. This one is on centos 7.
    • This one contains some more packages and more goodiness to act as a "first in line shell"
    • Replaced the login prompt, with a direct access to a shell (a root shell) as default.
    • Made an easy way to force a shell based on eg a script. (infoscreen-mode), if you like :)

NOTE: This version of wetty is ment to be placed behind your own secure reverse http(s) proxy.


  • minimal: docker run -i -t -p 3000:3000 --rm xeor/wetty
  • shell script(s) on login: -v $PWD/
    • You can have as many as you want
  • Different login-shell: -v $PWD/yourscript:/shell
    • Usefull if you example want to force-run a shell script. Usefull for info-screens and so on.


  • Use it as is, play with and break it. It acts as a fullworthy CentOS 7 ( ehm, almost :) )
  • Use it as a base-image, and mix it with a bunch of your own tools. Easy nmap/network-toolbox over web..
  • Put it on a info-screen with some usefull terminal output. Using a Chrome tab-switcher to switch between tabs.
  • Forced login to remote tmux session.
    • Generate a keypair, mounting the private key in the container as eg /root/.ssh/id_rsa, and the public part in whereever authorized_keys file you want to login to.
    • Mount up /root/.ssh/known_hosts
    • Make a simple shell with something like ssh -t user@remote -- /bin/sh -c 'tmux has-session && exec tmux attach || exec tmux', and mount it as/shell`
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