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Simple nginx reverse proxy that hides container services that is linked on port 80 behind protected areas..


Start the container with something like:

docker run -d -e "SITE_URL=http://admin.your.domain" -e "" -p 80:80 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock xeor/wwwhisper

For each container you want exposed under admin.your.domain/here, run the other containers with example -e WWWHISPER_PROTECT=here to expose the containers port 80 under that location.
This wwwhisper container will detect the new container and automaticly do whats needed. Note that this only works if the port is exposed as well eg. (-p 80). You only need to expose it.

If you want to keep your settings after container exit, mount the data volume on your host with something like -v datadir-on-host:/wwwhisper/sites

Environment variables possible on "clients"

  • WWWHISPER_PROTECT: Set to the "folder" you want the request to be forwarded to. Example git for
  • WWWHISPER_PORT: If the port you are using on the web-server is not 80, you can set it manually.
  • WWWHISPER_USES_RELATIVE_PATH: Set to true if the backend web-server needs the request to come in like, instead of This is useful if there is no way to set the relative path on the backend application and it uses relative paths (like ../static/main.js) to request its resources.
  • LOGLEVEL: Set to debug to see supervisord (stdout) output


Is available via /wwwhisper/admin/

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