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CGO 2017 Artifacts Evaluation Docker Image
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For evaluating TKMT vs SIMT execution model on Multi2Sim simulator.

  • Launch Docker container on Ubuntu
    docker run -it --name aecgo xianggong/cgo bash

  • Switch to the experiment directory
    cd /root/cgo/src

  • Compile Host Program

  • Use compiler frontend to generate IR file
    make frontend

  • Use compiler backend to generate SIMT kernels
    make backend

  • Use compiler finalizer to generate Twin Kernels
    make finalizer

  • Use compiler assembler to generate binaries from .s files
    make assembler

  • Run on Multi2Sim with SIMT model
    make simt

  • Run on Multi2Sim with TKMT model
    make tkmt

  • Get overview of the cycle information
    make analysis

  • Exit and remove Docker container
    docker rm aecgo

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