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Xibo CMS Web Development Container
Full Description

Xibo Docker

Docker is an application to package and run any
application in a pre-configured container making it much easier to deploy a Xibo
CMS with recommended configuration.

This repository holds the docker container definitions for Xibo and the docker-compose
configuration, which is used to bootstrap, start, stop and destroy the installation.


Full installation instructions for supported use of these containers can be
found in the Xibo

Directory structure

This repository contains Docker configuration (Dockerfile) for the Xibo
containers. A normal installation only requires docker-compose.yaml and
a config.env.template file, suitably configured, saved as config.env.


web and xmr Dockerfiles and associated configuration. These are built by Docker
Hub and packaged into xibosignage/xibo-cms and xibosignage/xibo-xmr.


Data folders for the Xibo installation.

  • The Library storage can be found in /shared/cms/library
  • The database storage can be found in /shared/db
  • Automated daily database backups can be found in /shared/backup
  • Custom themes should be placed in /shared/cms/web/theme/custom
  • Custom modules should be placed in /shared/cms/custom
  • Any user generated PHP or resources external to Xibo that you want hosted
    on the same webserver go in /shared/cms/web/userscripts. They will then
    be available to you at http://localhost/userscripts/

Running without docker-compose

If you have your own docker environment you may want to run without the
automation provided by docker-compose. If this is the case you will be responsible
for pulling the docker containers, starting them and manually installing Xibo.

Reporting problems

Support requests can be reported on the Xibo Community
. Verified, re-producable bugs with this
repository can be reported in the Xibo parent

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