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Converts VUE maps to various document formats.
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This tool converts a VUE concept map to various formats (Markdown, PDF, HTML, ODT).


After building the container you need to run it as follows:

docker run -v $(pwd)/app:/app -p 80:8000 vue

"vue" here is the name of the container. Can be different.

Docker Deployment - Client Side

Create Docker repo

First of all you need to create the repo you want to push to on the Docker hub.

Tagging the image

Before pushing the image to the Docker Hub, we need to tag it. To tag the latest image built, do the following:

~ $ docker tag vue:latest username/vue2doc:version

version can be something like 0.1 or such.

Pushing the image to the Docker Hub

~ $ docker push username/vue2doc:version

Docker Deployment - Server Side

Ssh into the server and pull the image from the Docker hub.

Pull the image from the Docker hub

~ $ docker pull username/vue2doc:version

You should get a digest after successfully pulling the image that you need for the next step.

Run a container

~ $ docker run -p 80:8000 digest

Finally you can open the application in the browser.

Docker Pull Command
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