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HTTP DoS research project
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  • latest, arm-latest, 0.3.5, arm-0.3.5

The project being in active development, no stable release is available yet. However, it works in specific cases (like pure http and no connection close header). It's also available for arm and x64.


This docker image is published for educational purposes only. The author disclaims all responsability and liability for all types of damages or any other consequence provoked by its usage. Causes of action leading to its usage and/or potential consequences derived from its usage are under the entire responsability of the user.

What is chunknorris ?

It's an HTTP Denial Of Service research project. The concept is to send many requests with chunked transfer encoding to seize web server ressources (threads, sockets, IO) while using a very low bandwith usage, memory consumtion and cpu usage client-side and see consequences per web server type to achieve a better protection on your architecture.

How to use this image

Simply run it with :

docker run -d xlucas/chunknorris <options>

Available options are :

-a : Army size                           Default value : 1
-b : Server body read timeout            Default value : 10s
-c : Delay between successive chunks     Default value : 5s
-d : Attack duration                     Default value : 30s
-h : Target Host header                  Default value : ""
-i : Target IP address                   Default value : nil
-p : Target port                         Default value : 80
-s : Minion spawn delay                  Default value : 1s
-t : Use TLS                             Default value : false
-u : URI                                 Default value : "/"
-z : Chunk size                          Default value : nil (units : kB, kiB, MB, MiB, GB, GiB)

User Feedback


If you encounter an issue, feel free to report it in the project's issue tracker.


Feel free to contribute on github.

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