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Graphite + Carbon + Grafana

An all-in-one image running graphite, carbon-cache and grafana. Version: 0.9.12.

This image contains a sensible default configuration of graphite,
carbon-cache and grafana.


  • 80: graphite web interface
  • 2003: carbon-cache line receiver (the standard graphite protocol)
  • 2004: carbon-cache pickle receiver
  • 3000: grafana dashboard
  • 7002: carbon-cache query port (used by the web interface)

Data volumes

  • Graphite data is stored at /var/lib/graphite/storage/whisper within the
  • Graphite configuration files are stored in /var/lib/graphite/conf/.
  • Grafana database is stored at /usr/share/grafana/data.

If you wish to store your metrics outside the container (highly
recommended) and save your Grafana dashboard configuration you can use docker's data volumes feature.

Note: It may take around a minute in the first time for grafana to load because of some model migrations and initalizations, please be patient :)

Running the image

Here is an example that stores the data at /var/lib/gmonitor on the host and connects grafana and carbon-cache ports to host:

docker run -v /var/lib/gmonitor/graphite/whisper:/var/lib/graphite/storage/whisper \
           -v /var/lib/gmonitor/graphite/conf:/var/lib/graphite/conf \
           -v /var/lib/gmonitor/grafana/data:/usr/share/grafana/data \
           -p 2003:2003 -p 3000:3000 \
           -d alexmercer/graphite-grafana

You can log into the administrative interface of Grafana with the username admin and password admin. These passwords can
be changed through the web interface.

The first thing to do is adding graphite data source in grafana using it's interface. The graphite url is http://localhost:80

Technical details

By default, this instance of carbon-cache uses the following retention periods
resulting in whisper files of approximately 2.5MiB.


For more information, see the

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