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Command-line utility for the XN framework.
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Recommended Setup

Basic Setup

First, create an alias in your .bashrc:

alias xn="docker run --rm -v $HOME:/root xnlogic/xn-cli"

Setup on API Server

On your API server, use the following instead to enable the useful --admin flag. First adjust and add the following environment variables to your .bashrc:

export XN_DATA=xn_api_data_container_name
export XN_API=xn_api_container_name

Then add the following line:

alias xn="docker run --rm --volumes-from $XN_DATA --link $XN_API:api -v $HOME:/root xnlogic/xn-cli -h \\\$API_PORT_8080_TCP_ADDR -p \\\$API_PORT_8080_TCP_PORT"


Run xn to get a list of commands or xn --help to get a list of global options. To get help for a specific command, run xn command --help.

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