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Clean and configurable sphinxsearch image based on Debain
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Dockerfile and scripts for creating configurable sphinxsearch ( image

libstemmer_c FROM
Supported DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Clean and configurable sphinxsearch image builded from sources with custom libstemmer_c library and based on Debain Jessie.

Environment variables:

SPHINX_SEARCHD_PORT - port for listening by sphinx searchd daemon (Default: 9312)
SPHINX_SEARCHD_MAX_CHILDREN - maximum searchd children (Default: 30)
SPHINX_INDEXER_MEMORY_LIMIT - memory limit for sphinx indexer (Default: 128Mb)

Config files stored in:

  • /usr/local/sphinx/etc/indexer.conf - indexer config file
  • /usr/local/sphinx/etc/searchd.conf - searchd config
  • /usr/local/sphinx/etc/common.conf - common settings
  • /usr/local/sphinx/etc/conf.d - path for app Sources and Indexes config files

In my apps Source and Index config files deploy by Ansible from templates with correct environment variables.

When image will be running, files in /usr/local/sphinx/etc/.conf and /usr/local/sphinx/etc/conf.d/.conf will be split to one /usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf config.

Log files stores in /var/log/sphinx, it may be redirected to stdout & stderr by custom config.

Persistent data:

Sphinx Index Files (such as *.idx) and other persistent data for conteiners may be stored in path /usr/local/sphinx/data
Just mount your host directory on Docker Volume to /usr/local/sphinx/data
In a config file for Index you should set up path variable to /usr/local/sphinx/data/YourIndexName
Index config file for example placed in Gihub repo for this image.

How I it use:

docker run --name="docker-sphinxsearch-sample" -d \
-v /path/to/app/conf/sphinx:/usr/local/sphinx/etc/conf.d \
-v /path/to/app/data/sphinx:usr/local/sphinx/data \

With logs and public port:

docker run --name="docker-sphinxsearch-sample" -d -p 9312:9312 \
-v /path/to/you/sources/conf:/usr/local/sphinx/etc/conf.d \
-v /path/to/app/data/sphinx:usr/local/sphinx/data \
-v /var/apps/sample/logs/sphinx:/var/log/sphinx xordiv/docker-sphinxsearch

Run indexer:

docker exec -it docker-sphinxsearch-sample indexer --all

Restart Searchd:

docker restart docker-sphinxsearch-sample
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