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XOS Northbound Rest Interface

This is an abstraction layer that provide REST APIs and WebSockets access to XOS.


This software can be executed on your local machine as long as NodeJs is installed.

To start it use: npm install && npm start

Alternatively you can invoke the start script node src/server.js directly to pass addictional paramenters:

  • --config mycfg.yml to specify a different config file
  • LOG_LEVEL=error|warn|info|debug to enable different logging level (default is warn)

If you are actively working on this project we suggest you to take a look to nodemon to observe changes in you code and automatically restart the server.


By default the used config is:

    host: xos
    port: 9999
    host: redis
    port: 6379
    port: 3000

You can create a file called config.yml and replace one or more value.
You can also have different config files and load them using the --config flag (see above for usage).


A comprehensive test suite defined using Mocha, Chai and Sinon is provided togheter with the project. To execute existing tests use npm test, while if you are currently working on it you can execute them in watch mode using npm run test:dev.

Styleguide are also applied using EsLint, to check style execute npm run lint.


Sample request to core authenticated method:

curl -H "x-csrftoken: TOKEN" -H "cookie: xoscsrftoken=TOKEN;xossessionid=SESSION_ID"

Websocket client library will be available at: http://localhost:3000/

Remember that redis in the Frontend config is linked

Test Client

To start the client: cd spec; browser-sync start --server

Send a fake REDIS event

redis-cli -h

# In progress
PUBLISH Slice "{\"pk\": 19, \"object\": {\"id\": 19,\"name\": \"mysite_test_redis\", \"backend_status\": \"0 - In Progress\"}, \"changed_fields\": [\"updated\", \"backend_status\"]}"

# Succes
PUBLISH Slice "{\"pk\": 19, \"object\": {\"id\": 19,\"name\": \"mysite_test_redis\", \"backend_status\": \"1 - Success\"}, \"changed_fields\": [\"updated\", \"backend_status\"]}"

# Error
PUBLISH Slice "{\"pk\": 19, \"object\": {\"id\": 19,\"name\": \"mysite_test_redis\", \"backend_status\": \"2 - Error\"}, \"changed_fields\": [\"updated\", \"backend_status\"]}"
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