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Simple HTTP service to test deployments
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This is a simple HTTP server built in Go that suited us good in testing our orchestration so far. It will answer to every path and method and will echo information about the request back to the client.

Currently it has the following endpoints:

  • /metrics – prometheus metrics about the service
  • /version – Version information
  • /* – Echo handler (will echo information about the request back)


For our purposes we typically use the Docker image, which can be found on Docker Hub:

docker run --rm --interactive --tty --publish 8080:8080 xperimental/goecho:$TAG

If you have Go installed it is also very simple to build the binary yourself:

go get

If you want to build the Docker image instead, then just download the sources (go get -d) and then run the provided script:


The image will be called "xperimental/goecho" and have a tag based on the git repository ("latest" if you have made any uncommitted changes).


The program understands one parameter -addr which sets the address it listens on for connections. By default it listens on port 8080:

goecho -addr :8080
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