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Debian image with PHP for PHPUnit testing.
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PHP Unit Test Image


Operating System: Debian 8 Jessie
PHP Version: 7.0

Comes with the following PHP packages pre-installed:

  • php7.0-cli
  • php7.0-dev
  • php7.0-apcu
  • php7.0-bcmath
  • php7.0-bz2
  • php7.0-curl
  • php7.0-gd
  • php7.0-imagick
  • php7.0-intl
  • php7.0-mbstring
  • php7.0-mcrypt
  • php7.0-memcached
  • php7.0-mongodb
  • php7.0-mysql
  • php7.0-odbc
  • php7.0-pgsql
  • php7.0-soap
  • php7.0-sqlite3
  • php7.0-xml
  • php7.0-zip
  • php-pear

Additionally, the following PECL packages are pre-installed and activated:

  • yaml-beta


The PHP configuration can be found in the standard location /etc/php/7.0/cli/php.ini with additional configuration files per extension in /etc/php/7.0/cli/conf.d.


PHPUnit is supplied in /usr/local/bin with phpunit linked to the corresponding PHPUnit version from the image tag.

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