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Display Hipparcos stars in an interactive window.
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Display Hipparcos stars in an interactive window.


This provides a docker image which generates a web-based viewer of Hipparcos
stars. index.html is located on the root of the nginx's html resources.
This html file displays a canvas showing Hipparcos stars in ARC projection.
The field of views of Tomo-e PM are overlaid on the star chart.
This provides an interactive viewer, so you can pan the field by mouse
dragging and zoom in and out by rolling a mouse wheel.
When the magnification level exceeds a certain point, magnitudes and spectral
types are displayed above the stars.

This viewer works smoothly on Chrome.
This also works on Firefox, but the performance is much worse than on Chrome.


The viewer is launched by the following command.
Then, you can access the viewer by opening localhost:80 with your browser.

docker run -d -p 80:80 xr0038/hipparcos_viewer


This repository depends on the data provided by Hipparcos satellite.
The viewer uses the star list, containing about 5000 stars with good
absolute magnitudes. Data were extracted from Hipparcos Catalogue
(ESA SP-1200, 1997), except for the spectral type, which was extracted
from the Hipparcos Input Catalogue (Turon et al. 1992, ESA SP-1136).
Refer to the following URL for details of the data and the extraction criteria.

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