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Iframely API for Responsive Web Embeds

Iframely is fast and simple HTTP API for responsive web embeds and semantic meta. The API covers well over 1800 domains through 200 custom domain plugins and generic parsers for oEmbed, Open Graph and Twitter Cards, powered by Iframely's whitelist.

The whitelist file is pulled from and is updated automatically. You can also have your own whitelist file. The whitelisting is manual process, and we do every-day manual regression testing to ensure integrity. Submit your domain, if you publish embeds.

HTTP API are available as oEmbed or Iframely API formats. To make it simple to understand, Iframely format mimics the <head> section of the page with its meta and links elements.

In response to url request, APIs returns you the embeds and meta for a requested web page. Below are data samples from hosted API, just to show you the format:

Iframely can also be used as Node.js library.

Requires Node version 0.10.22 and up.

Get started:

To get started with the APIs:


We put our best effort to maintain Iframely and all its domain parsers. Please, feel free to reach us on Twitter or to submit an issue if you have any suggestions. Our support email is support at

Fork and pull-request, if you'd like to add more plugins and/or contribute fixes or improvements. By doing so, you make your work available under the same MIT license.

If you see an error in our domains whitelist (you can debug URLs here), please ping us and we'll fix it in no time.

License & Authors

MIT License. (c) 2012-2016 Itteco Software Corp. Nazar Leush, Ivan Paramonau

Please, check the contributors list to get to know awesome folks that also helped a lot.

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