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Docker build for s3ql-2.15.

To use the image:

  • Create an AWS bucket.
  • Create an IAM user with proper bucket policy.
  • Configure authinfo2 with your S3 crendential to the s3 bucket.
  • Run the image:
  •   docker pull xueshanf/s3ql
      docker run --rm --cap-add mknod --cap-add sys_admin --device=/dev/fuse -it xueshanf/s3ql

    You are dropped to /bin/bash command inside of the container.

Quick test:

    mkfs.s3ql --plain s3://<bucket/test
    mount.s3ql s3://<bucket/test /mnt

When prompted for backend login name and passphrase, use the AWS credential that has access to the bucket. An auth template file /root/.s3ql/authinfo2 will be generated and you can put login info there so future s3ql command can use --authinfo2 file for authentication.

See s3ql documentation about how to use s3ql.

The s3ql mounted volumes (FUSE-based file system) in the container are not visiable from docker host through -v <hostvol>:<containervol> option, nor from other containsers through --volumes-from <containername>.

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