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docker image to build CoreOS "fleet-ui" image.
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Build fleet-ui docker image

Feature: No need to install required packages on a host in order to build fleetui image. This tool builds a 'builder' image and uses it to build purpleworks/fleet-ui.

Quick start

Take a look at the if you need to change the default fleetctl version or fleet-ui.git repo. Then:


It builds two images. The first one is fleet-ui-builder, and then the script calls it to build fleet-ui, which is the image you will run as a service.

You can customize the default fleet-ui repo or fleetctl version in the

Use ready-make docker-fleet-ui builder image

docker pull xuwang/docker-fleetui-builder

Replace the FLEETUIREPO with your fleet-ui repo or use the default purpleworks/fleet-ui

$ docker run -t --rm \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    --env FLEET_VERSION=v0.11.8 \
    --env \
    --dns \

The output:

+ docker run -t --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --env --dns xuwang/docker-fleetui-builder

Run the fleet-ui on CoreOS

Here is an example of how to Run fleet-ui on CoreOS.

How does it work

The builder Dockerfile creates an isolated docker enviromment, with the required software packages and docker daemon installed. The result
image is called fleet-ui-builder which, when run, will build fleet-ui docker image. fleet-ui image is the one you will run or push to your dockerhub account to share.

The builder environment includes:

  • latest golang
  • npm, ruby, gem etc.
  • docker from Debian/Jessie release

The builder image can be removed when you are sure you have a good fleet-ui image:

docker rmi fleet-ui-builder:latest


If you have problem with the fleet-ui, you can debug your build environment by run the builder image:

docker run --rm -i -t fleet-ui-builder bash

The fleet-ui source code downloaded by Go is located at /gopath directory:

Then you can manually run steps in the builder Dockerfile for troubleshooting issues.

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