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Arm build of HTTP Pie
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This docker image is available as a trusted build on the docker index, so using it is as simple as running:

$ docker run clue/httpie

Running this command for the first time will download the image automatically. Further runs will be immediate, as the image will be cached locally.

To further ease running, it's recommended to set up a much shorter alias so that you can easily execute it as just http:

$ alias http='docker run -it --rm --net=host clue/httpie'

This will create a temporary alias. In order to make it persist reboots, you can append this exact line to your ~/.bashrc (or similar) like this:

$ alias http >> ~/.bashrc


Once installed, running HTTPie is as simple as invoking it like this:

Hello world:
$ http

Custom HTTP method and headers:
$ http PUT X-API-Token:123 name=John

Submitting forms:
$ http -f POST hello=World

Upload a file using redirected input:
$ http < file.json

Download a file and save it via redirected output:
$ http > file

You can supply any number of HTTPie arguments that will be passed through unmodified.


HTTPie has a fairly extensive documentation available. Also, you can use its included help output:

$ http --help

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