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A Ruby Sass executable
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A Sass compiler

  • built on top of alpine base image
  • ~24 MB in size


When pulling or running an this container you can select which version of Ruby Sass you want to use. The currently supported versions are:

  • 3.2
  • 3.3
  • 3.4


The image has the scss binary as its entrypoint, so it should be invoked with whatever arguments you would normally pass to scss. For example,

$ cat file.scss
$blue: #00f;
.foo { color: $blue; }
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) xzyfer/docker-ruby-sass:<version> file.scss
.foo {
  color: #00f; }

You may also want to create a bash alias:

alias scss="docker run -it --rm -v \$(pwd):\$(pwd) -w \$(pwd) xzyfer/docker-ruby-sass:3.4"

so you will be able to simply run

$ scss file.scss
.foo {
  color: #00f; }
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