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Debian container with dependencies for Yocto tools
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debian based Docker container with all dependencies for Yocto

For automation associated with building Yocto environments using Ruby/Rake with
a simple Rakefile see

NOTE Due to changes in Yocto, current poky fails with the version of Git
available in debian:wheezy, so this repo has been switched to debian:jessie

Username: minion
Password: minion
WORKDIR /build

How to use

This repository does not contain any Yocto source, you must add the yocto files
for it to work. Use Git to clone a copy of the Yocto ("Poky") sources inside
the container and then run oe-init-build-env:

docker run -a STDIN -a STDOUT -a STDERR -i -t y3ddet/debian4yocto

minion@8f7943ab2a3b:/build$  git clone git:// /build/poky
minion@8f7943ab2a3b:/build$  cd /build/poky

minion@8f7943ab2a3b:/build$  . ./oe-init-build-env /build
### Shell environment set up for builds. ###

You can now run 'bitbake <target>'

Common targets are:

You can also run generated qemu images with a command like 'runqemu qemux86'

NOTE The stock Yocto Poky installation above is of limited utility, you should
look at the Yocto Project documentation to better understand the use of bitbake
layers, recipes, and machine targets:

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