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Dockerfile to build a PostgreSQL 9.4 container for Dokku


Phusion Baseimage

  • PostgreSQL service is supervised by runit
  • PostgreSQL output is logged by runit

Official PostgreSQL Packages

The packages provided by the PGDG allow installation of features not available in the Ubuntu maintained version.

PostgreSQL Extension Whitelisting

Allow normal database users to perform the operations CREATE EXTENSION, DROP EXTENSION and ALTER EXTENSION ... UPDATE.

PostgreSQL Execution Statistics

The pg_stat_statements module provides a means for tracking execution statistics of all SQL statements executed by a server.
This can be used to get insights into the PostgreSQL Server using tools like PgHero.

Tuned configuration

The Configuration is tuned for
a system memory of 4GB, a typical web load, many tables and a maximum of 500 connections to the database.

Using the image

To use this image with dokku-alt you need to set some configuration variables in /home/dokku/dokkurc:

export POSTGRESQL_IMAGE=yabawock/dokku-alt-postgresql
export POSTGRESQL_USER=postgres
export POSTGRESQL_COMMAND=/sbin/my_init
export POSTGRESQL_CONTAINER_VOLUME=/var/lib/postgresql
export POSTGRESQL_CONTAINER_PASSWORD=/etc/postgresql/9.4/main/postgresql.password
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