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Short Description database image (derived from standard db images - sql and nosql)
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Yafra Docker DB Images

Supported databases:

  • Mysql
  • Postgres (soon)
  • Oracle (without docker support)
  • Derby (only for java)
  • MongoDB

The default is Mysql.

All database come with a default setup like tables, users, schemas, ... for examples. To persist data use the dataonly container.


get docker images

pull all with:

docker pull yafraorg/docker-yafradb
docker pull yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mysql
docker pull yafraorg/docker-yafradb:postgress
docker pull yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mongodb
docker pull yafraorg/docker-yafradb:dataonly

start the dataonly container

start the dataonly container 1st time:

docker run -d --name yafradata yafraorg/docker-yafradb:dataonly

assigning a name to the dataonly image is needed for further reference. You don't need to stop or start it from now on as it is registered with the right name. As it is data only and no processes are running, it is just data only. You can back it up as needed. Be aware that if you remove the image you loose all data!

run interactive


docker run --rm -t -p 3306:3306 --name yaframysql --volumes-from yafradata -i yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mysql /bin/bash
sudo service mysql start


docker run --rm -t -p 27017:27017 --name yaframongo --volumes-from yafradata -i yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mongodb /bin/bash

run production

docker run -d -p 3306:3306 --name yaframysql --volumes-from yafradata yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mysql
docker run -d -p 27017:27017 --name yaframongo --volumes-from yafradata yafraorg/docker-yafradb:mongodb

start/stop/remove docker

you can start / stop a docker container like any other program. If you want to remove it as runnable image use the "rm" option, careful that will reset the image.

docker ps
docker start yaframysql
docker stop yaframysql
docker rm yaframysql

link you docker with a database

In order to link an application docker with a database docker use the following docker syntax:

docker run some_args [--volumes-from yafradata] --link yaframongo:db --name yafraexample yafraorg/docker-xxx your_cmd

The --link will link it to the respective database container (in this example the mongodb). You can again use the data only image to persist data on your application container if needed - this is not needed for the db link, only for docker you will run! The db link has already the volumes-from if you started as described above.

Base application image link

Please see base image for more information.
Base database for mysql:

Ohter information

See wiki on database:
Yafra database scripts:

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