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This Dockerfile builds an image with the Python implementation of shadowsocks, pen(for balancing), nginx(for a web server of PAC file), and even a cron job to measure the health of Shadowsocks connections and update pen states according to it. Based on Ubuntu 14.04 image.

Quick Start

It's required to customize supervisord.conf with your server settings and mount the folder of supoervisord.conf file as a volume. The default supervisor.conf are delivered with 3 server configurations, you may need to delete some or add more. Notice: you will need to change the parameters of pen according to shadowsocks settings also.

docker run -p 1990:1990 -p 2222:22 -p 1989:1989 -p 8000:80 --name ss -v $PWD:/usr/share/nginx/html -v $PWD:/etc/supervisor/conf.d -d -i yaleh/docker-shadowsocks

Ports to map

  • 22: SSH
  • 80: Web server for pen status, pen status is available at http://HOST:PORT/pen.html
  • 1989: balanced SOCK5 proxy
  • 1990: Pen control

Volumes to mount

  • /usr/share/nginx/html: folder to save pen status HTML
  • /etc/supervisor/conf.d: folder for supervisord.conf

For more command line options, refer to the shadowsocks documentation

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