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Haxe plugin for Intellij IDEA

This plugin allows you to develop Haxe programs with Intellij IDEA.
It requires Intellij IDEA Ultimate 13 or 14.


###Install from Intellij plugin repository
Use Intellij plugin install documentation to install the Haxe plugin.

###Install the latest or a previous Github release

Download the intellij-haxe.jar file from the release you want from Github releases.
In Intellij:

  • open the Settings
  • Go to plugin
  • Click “install from disk”
  • Select the “intellij-haxe.jar” file you downloaded


This describes the command line build. To build from Intellij IDEA itself, see the contributing document to setup
your development environnement.


  • Ant
  • Oracle JDK 7 or Open JDK 7
  • Make
  • A bash compatible shell

###Build command


This will generate a intelllij-haxe.jar file at the root of the project that you can then install from disk
(see “Install the latest or a previous Github release).


Same as for build.

###Test command

make test

This will build and run the tests and display the JUnit report.

Use the hxcpp debugger

The hxcpp debugger functionality has been rewritten to conform to the
Haxe v3.0 debugger. In order to use this, you must:

  • Install the newest debugger haxelib from
  • Re-build your project using this newest debugger haxelib
  • Configure your haxe program to start the debugger when the following
    command line option is provided:

(and if you expect to do remote debugging, you'll also have to support:


Most likely you'll just want to add the following in your main() when
-start_debugger is set:

    new debugger.Local(true);


See the contributing document.

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