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Music Player Daemon
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Docker image for running MPD on music
mounted from a host directory.


  • You have music you'd like to serve with mpd available in a directory on your
    Docker host.


MPD is configured to look in the /data/mpd directory on the container for
music to serve. You must mount your host directory on /data/mpd

To do so, run like:

docker run -v /PATH/TO/MUSIC:/data/mpd/music -p 6600:6600 -p 8000:8000 -t mpd

Since we've forwarded ports above, you'll be able to connect to MPD's web
interface on your host at port 8000, and connect to MPD on your host at port

MPD is configured to leave playlist, db, and state files in the .mpd directory
on your host directory. In our example, it would leave files in

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