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Dynamic DNS client

Use this to register a server in a DNS that supports dynamic DNS.

docker run --rm yaronr/ddclient:latest {dynamic_dns_server} {your_domain} {password} {dynamic_dns_protocol} {host} {sleep_interval_sec}

{sleep_interval_sec} default = 3600, -1 means execute once and exit, with the appropriate exit code. Any other number / default - This process will exit, if the DNS registration is not successful (or it is terminated / interrupted). Otherwise it will continuously update the DNS.

All other params are required.


docker run --rm yaronr/ddclient:latest pass1234 namecheap my-dns-server-name

I created this for two reasons:

1) I have a VPN client (yaronr/softether) that runs as a service, on a random hosts in my cluster. Using this, I can always refer to my VPN as '' - regardless of where the VPN docker instance will actually run.

2) As it happens, I use CoreOS. Instead of manually doing export FLEETCTL_TUNNEL=... every time my cluster moves or one of my nodes die, I use the DDNS name in my export.

ExecStartPre=/bin/bash -cx ' \ echo "Updating ddns" \ /usr/bin/docker run \ --rm \ yaronr/ddclient:latest pass1234 namecheap vpn-${CLUSTER_NAME} -1'

Some DNS providers require that a DNS 'A' record of the type you're trying to update, will pre-exist, for the update to succeed. To overcome this, just set a fake A record to for the server you plan to update using ddclient (in the example above, vpn-${CLUSTER_NAME})


ddclient documentation

Supported protocols:

  • dnspark
  • dslreports
  • dyndns1
  • dyndns2
  • easydns
  • namecheap
  • zoneedit1
  • Changeip
  • googledomains
  • duckdns
  • nsupdate

See the protocols page for more details.

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