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OS Base : Ubuntu 14.04
Exposed Ports : 53/udp 53/tcp

Environment Variables

    Path to SSH Agent socket
    Path to git repository
    Relative path to custom named configuration file in the Git repository
    (default : named.local)
    Interval to check for Git updates. This can be specified in (h)ours, (m)inutes or seconds (just an integer) (default : 30m)
    Absolute path to where the Git repository is checked out (default: /git_dns)
    Networks that will be considered 'local'. An ACL entry will be created for this network called mynet (recursion is allowed for 'mynet'). (default: any)

This was orignally inspired by somejedi/docker-bind9. Thanks!

Run Bind 9 in docker and manage its configuration using Git and automatically reload when the repository is updated. The instance will come up with a basic Bind server that will read named.local from the root of your git repository (you can override the location with CONFIG_PATH).

An important note is that the reload will be of the server not of a particular zone. So for large number of zones, this may not be ideal.

The above environment variables can be stored in a json configuration file that can be mounted in the docker instance (/docker-git-dns.json). The environment variables will override settings in the configuration file.

Configuration file example

    "SSH_AUTH_SOCK": "/custom/path/to/ssh/socket",
    "GIT_REPO" : "https://<token>",
    "CONFIG_PATH" : "relative/path/in/git/repo/named.conf",
    "UPDATE_INTERVAL" : "1h",
    "REPO_DIR" : "/path/in/container/repo_clone",
    "LOCAL_NET" : "any"

If you decide to use SSH to clone your repoistory, you will need to mount launch SSH Agent (and your key) on the host and mount $SSH_AUTH_SOCK to /ssh_auth_sock (-v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh_auth_sock)


Clone from Github using API token and check for updates every 30 seconds:

docker run -P -e UPDATE_INTERVAL=30 -e GIT_REPO="https://<token>" yasn77/docker-git-dns

Clone using SSH and check for updates every hour:

[ -S $SSH_AUTH_SOCK ] || eval `ssh-agent`
ssh-add /path/to/ssh/key
docker run -P -e UPDATE_INTERVAL=1h -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh_auth_sock -e GIT_REPO="" yasn77/docker-git-dns

Use a JSON configuration file:

docker run -P -v /path/to/config.json:/docker-git-dns.json yasn77/docker-git-dns
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