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IPython in Docker

Instructions to set up Ipython notebook that runs octave

  • Pull the image docker pull yassinebha/niak_notebook:latest
  • Create a shared folder in you home directory mkdir $HOME/notebooks
  • Run the image
docker run --name notebook_test -d -p 443:8888  -v $HOME/notebooks/:/notebooks  -e "PASSWORD=password" yassinebha/niak_notebook:latest
  • Head to your browser then type https://localhost then over pass warning message then type the password which is password in this case ( you can choose your own ).

  • On OSX and Windows, extra steps are required to find the address and the port that the container has been forwarded to. In a Boot2Docker shell, run: boot2docker ip This should return an address like Next, find the port in the docker environment with: docker port notebook_test 8888. This should return a port like
    Port your browser to the resulting address and port; for example:

  • Open a new ipython notebook then choose python 2 not 3 as kernel

  • In the first cell put this code to start octave interfacing:
from pymatbridge import Octave
octave = Octave()
%load_ext pymatbridge
  • Finally, in the begginig of each cell that will run octave code put the matlab magic command %%matlab like this :
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