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Yikes Apache SSL Docker Image
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Apache SSL Docker Image

The purpose of this docker base image is to run an application on Apache using port 443. The configuration is simple and requires only the minimum amount of dependencies.


Instructions can be found on Confluence


The base Dockerfile expects to have the following files in the root path.

  • app.conf
  • sources.list

Up and Running

You must build the docker image before running a container.


$ docker build -t yikes/apache-ssl --rm .


$ docker run -it -p 443:443 -v PATH_TO_YOUR_APP:/var/www/app/ yikes/apache-ssl

Note this runs apache in the forground and the application logs are forwarded to the conatiners

Normally you would visit https://localhost to view your app. If you're using a MAC and boot2docker, you must use to the boot2docker IP instead

You can make sure the IP is correct by running
$ boot2docker ip

I would recommend you edit your host file with a user-friendly domain name.

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