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A lite python shadowsocks server image
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Using alpine as the base image, with python, pip and the shadowsocks server v2.9.1.


FROM alpine:3.4

RUN apk add --update python py-pip
RUN pip install shadowsocks==2.9.1

# Configure container to run as an executable
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/ssserver"]


This Dockerfile builds an image with the python implementation of shadowsocks, based on Alpine 3.4 image.
This repo is ported from oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks, which uses the ubuntu:14.04 base image.

Quick Start

This image uses ENTRYPOINT to run the container as an executable.

docker run -d -p 8000:8888 --name ss -h ss yingx/shadowsocks -s -p 8888 -k YourPassword -m aes-256-cfb

Then we get a http proxy at http://the-docker-host-ip:8000 .

You change the port of your choice. Just make sure the container port (8888 in the above command) is the same as the one in shadowsocks parameter(-p 8888).
It is highly recommended that you store the shadowsocks password in an environment variable to hide the password from the output of docker ps command.

For more command line options, please read the shadowsocks documentation

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