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Fedora 4 Docker Repo

This is the Git repo of the Docker image for Fedora 4 docker. Please see the Hub page for the full readme on how to use the Docker image and for information regarding contributing and issues.



  1. docker pull yinlinchen/fcrepo4-docker
  2. docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -d yinlinchen/fcrepo4-docker:4.7.5
  3. Use docker ps to check the "CONTAINER ID" and "STATUS". The container should be ready to use after 5 minutes.

You can shell into the machine with docker exec -i -t "CONTAINER ID" /bin/bash

In this Docker image

Fedora Configuration

The default Docker build is Fedora 4 without WebAC and Audit capability.

docker build -t="tag-default" .

To enable Fedora 4 with WebAC enabled.

docker build --build-arg FedoraConfig=webac- --build-arg ModeshapeConfig=servlet-auth -t="tag-webac" .

Three Fedora user accounts are available:

  • user account testuser, with password password1
  • user account adminuser, with password password2
  • admin account fedoraAdmin with the password secret3

To enable Fedora 4 with Audit capability.

docker build --build-arg FedoraConfig=audit- -t="tag-audit" .

To enable Fedora 4 with WebAC and Audit capability.

docker build --build-arg FedoraConfig=webac-audit- --build-arg ModeshapeConfig=servlet-auth -t="tag-webac-audit" .


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