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Short Description
Eclipse Luna and cordova packaging environment. This size of the images about 3G,The SDK about 2G.
Full Description

Eclipse extra plugins:SVN,ADT+SDK,WEBTOOLS
Basic images installed Java8,nodejs,git, bower,grunt_cil,cordova
SDK android build-tools: 19.1.0, 21.1.2, 22.0.1, 23.0.2, android-4.4w
SDK localpath:/usr/local/sdk
cordovaProject plugins:cordova-open, cordova-plugin-app-version, cordova-plugin-device, cordova.file, cordova.file-transfer,, baidu.geolocation.git,
splashscreen.git, crosswalk-webview.git
cordovaProject LocalPath: ~/cordovaPriject


docker run -ti --rm \
-v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
-v /home/wanggang \
--name Volume_Container yitengshidai/eclipse-cordova:v.0.0.3

Enter Docker Container

yum install wget
wget -P ~;
echo "[ -f ~/.bashrc_docker ] && . ~/.bashrc_docker" >> ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bashrc
docker-enter Volume_Cotainer

Export xxx.apk

docker cp containerId:sourse-path etc-path

marked words

The command mklink of windows = ln of liunx

Stop,Delete Container command:

docker ps -a | grep "Exited" | awk '{print $1 }'|xargs docker stop
docker ps -a | grep "Exited" | awk '{print $1 }'|xargs docker rm

Docker Pull Command