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Galaxy Base Docker file.

Galaxy stable distribution, shipped with apache2 and postgres. On Debian.

Installation instructions taken from Galaxy wiki: get galaxy and
Galaxy wiki: production server.

By default, Galaxy can take several minutes to load.


docker build -t yjarosz/galaxy .


Daemon mode

The following command will start apache2, postgres and start the galaxy service in daemon mode.

docker run -p 8080:8080 -d yjarosz/galaxy

And you should be able to access galaxy server at <docker ip>:8080.
Please wait. It could take minutes to load.

Interactive mode

You could also launch the container in interactive mode:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -i -t yjarosz/galaxy interactive

It will log in supervisorctl. Useful when you want to have detail about launched process.


Type help if you want a list of commands available:

* `avail` Give you the list of configured processes, it should give you apache2, postgres and galaxy.
* `tail -f galaxy` will redirect galaxy logging file to your terminal.

Interactive mode (expert)

  • You could also log in the container and start the service yourself, inspect filesystem, change galaxy configuration, etc:
docker run -P -i -t --entrypoint /bin/bash yjarosz/galaxy --

Then you can start all process by running supervisord.


Start your dockerfile with FROM yjarosz/galaxy.

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