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import of the ext4 root fs of official intel edison releases
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Edison releases are imported from the binary releases from intel to make it easier to update the images before deployment.

The are created manually at the moment:

$ unzip
$ ls -lah edison-image-edison.ext4 
-rw-r--r-- 1 hh hh 512M May  8 22:05 edison-image-edison.ext4
$ sudo mount -o loop edison-image-edison.ext4 /mnt
$ cd /mnt2
$ sudo tar cvfz /tmp/edison-image-edison.ext4.tar.gz .
$ docker import -t yocto/edison:ww18-15 < /tmp/edison-image-edison.ext4.tar.gz
$ docker push yocto/edison:ww18-15
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