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AhsayOBM v6.29.0.0

backup agent for connecting to an AhsayOBSR

How to use

  1. Create a user account with a backupset and a schedule. Be sure to give the schedule a hostname (eg docker-obm).
  2. Choose your encryption (see Setting Encryption below)
  3. Run: docker run -e USERNAME=jeffre -e PASSWORD=secretpassword -e -e BSET-1498585537118=PKCS7Padding,AES-256,ECB,SuperStrongSecretString --hostname=docker-obm yoff/obm

Available environment variables

  • USERNAME (required)
  • PASSWORD (required)
  • HOST (required)
  • BSET-{BACKUPSETID} (required)
  • LANG
  • PROTO (defaults to https)

Setting Encryption

Using an OBSR provided backupset id, you can formulate an
environment variable that specifies how to encryption its data. The format is:

  • BSID-{BACKUPSETID}=PKCS7Padding,{Algorithm}-{Bits},{Mode},{Key}.

The available choices for the encryption attributes are:

  • PKCS7Padding: PKCS7Padding
  • Algorithms: AES, Twofish, TripleDES, ""         # An empty string implies no encryption
  • Bits: 128, 256
  • Modes: ECB, CBC
  • Key: {any string of your choosing}

Encryption Examples

  • Strong Encryption: BSET-1498585537118=PKCS7Padding,AES-256,ECB,ElevenFoughtConstructionFavorite
  • No Encryption: BSET-1468557583616=PKCS7Padding,-256,,


  • Application home: /obm/
  • User Config: /root/.obm/


  • is prevented from daemonizing.
  • java-x86 and obc_help.pdf have been removed to reduce bloat.
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