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Short Description
AhsayOBSR is a proprietary backup service provider
Full Description

AhsayOBSR v6.29.0.0

proprietary backup service software

How to

  • Run: docker run -p "80:8080" -p "443:8443" yoff/obsr
  • Safely stop: docker stop --time 60 CONTAINER_NAME


  • OBSR Configuration: /obsr/conf/
  • OBSR/Catalina logs: /obsr/logs/
  • OBS System logs and policies: /obsr/system/
  • OBS Users: /obsr/user/
  • RPS System logs: /obsr/rps-system/
  • RPS reciever home: /obsr/rcvshome/

Environment Variables

Standard Configuration

The following environment variables will only apply if its respective
.xml file does not exist.

  • OBS_USERNAME (system): Administrator username
  • OBS_PASSWORD (system): Administrator password
  • OBS_HOSTNAME (localhost)
  • OBS_LICENSE_NAME (EvaluationOnly)
  • OBS_LICENSE_KEY (62pMG-YPD6l-3ggaG-b5MCT-xA)
  • OBS_USER_HOME (user): Absolute or relative path from "/obsr"
  • OBS_SMTP_USER (Empty)
  • OBS_REPORT_SENDER_NAME (Backup Manager)
  • OBS_ADMIN_NAME (System Admin)
  • RPS_USERNAME (system)
  • RPS_PASSWORD_HASH (2dLf2cvC) Must be hashed. Default is the hash of
  • RPS_REPORT_SENDER_NAME (Backup Manager)
  • RDR_ENABLED (false}
  • RDR_PROTOCOL (https}
  • RDR_HOSTNAME (Empty)
  • RDR_PORT (443)
  • RDR_USER (system)
  • RDR_PASSWORD (system)
  • OBSR_HTTP_PORT (8080): Port must be higher than 1024
  • OBSR_HTTPS_PORT (8443): Port muust be higher than 1024
  • OBSR_KEYSTORE_FILE (conf/keystore): path to the java keystore file
  • OBSR_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD (changeit): java keystore password
  • OBSR_PROTOCOLS (TLSv1,SSLv2Hello): Sets tomcat's sslEnabledProtocols

Advanced Configuration

The following environment variables will be re-applied with each start of the
docker container.

  • OBSR_HIDE_CR_FRAME (Empty): If TRUE, will hide the bottom copyright bar frame
  • OBSR_ROOT_REDIRECT (Empty): If set, will create an html meta-tag redirect from / to a different URI (eg: /obs/jsp/user/)
  • OBSR_DOWNLOAD_REDIRECT (Empty): If set, will create an html meta-tag redirect from /download to a differnt URI (eg: /obs/jsp/user/wizard/install/)
  • OBSR_MAC (Empty): If set, will spoof the OS MAC to the OBSR software (eg: BE:02:A4:D2:14:7F).
  • OBSR_PROXIED (Empty): If TRUE, tomcat will trust "X-Forwarded-For" header
  • OBSR_REMOVE_ADS (Empty): If TRUE, ads will be removed at prior to every tomcat start.


The following environment variables will only apply if its respective
.properties file does not exist.

  • COMPANY_NAME_FULL (Backup Provider)
  • COMPANY_NAME_SHORT (Backup Provider)
  • OBS_FULL_NAME (Online Backup Server)
  • OBS_SERVICE (Online Backup Services)
  • USER_GUIDE_URL ({0}/obs/www/
  • OBS_FAQ_URL ({0}/obs/www/
  • BUY_LICENSE_URL (/coupon)
  • RPS_FULL_NAME (Replication Server)
  • OBM_FULL_NAME (Online Backup Manager)
  • OBM_SCHEDULER (Online Backup Scheduler)
  • ACB_FULL_NAME (A-Click Backup)
  • RDR_FULL_NAME (Redirector)

Features and notes

  • The application runs as the limited user "ahsay" (400:400)
  • Catalina is started with the 'run' command to prevent daemonizing. Likewise, nohup has been removed from
  • SSLv2Hello is enabled to provide backwards compatibity for older Ahsay agents (<=
  • docker stop (SIGTERM) is caught and redirected at stop for a safe shutdown. If your OBS needs more than 10 seconds to stop, be sure to use the --time n flag prevent docker from prematurely resorting to kill.
  • Ahsay's has been included. Run against an active OBSR with docker exec CONTAINER_NAME
  • On-the-fly branding using env variables
  • Agents downloads, Agent liveupdates, docs, and java-x86 have been removed.
  • landing page has a title attibute
  • favicon.ico from obsr/webapps/obs/jsp/icon/obm.gif
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