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AhsayOBSR is a proprietary backup service provider
Full Description

AhsayOBSR v6.29.0.0

proprietary backup service software

How to

  • Run: docker run -p "80:8080" -p "443:8443" yoff/obsr
  • Safely stop: docker stop --time 60 CONTAINER_NAME


  • http listener is on 8080
  • https listener is on 8443


  • OBSR Configuration: /obsr/conf/
  • OBSR/Catalina logs: /obsr/logs/
  • OBS System logs and policies: /obsr/system/
  • OBS Users: /obsr/user/
  • RPS System logs: /obsr/rps-system/
  • RPS reciever home: /obsr/rcvshome/


  • The application runs as the limited user "ahsay" (400:400)
  • Agents downloads, Agent liveupdates, docs, and java-x86 have been removed.
  • Catalina is started with the 'run' command to prevent daemonizing. Likewise, nohup has been removed from
  • SSLv2Hello is enabled to provide backwards compatibity for older Ahsay agents (<=
  • docker stop (SIGTERM) is caught and redirected at stop for a safe shutdown. If your OBS needs more than 10 seconds to stop, be sure to use the --time n flag prevent docker from prematurely resorting to kill.


To see OBSR run behind nginx check out docker-compose -f docker-compose-nginx.yml up. Bare in mind, the diffie-hellman parameters file AND the default TLS certificates are public knowledge and therefore offer no security. So, create your own before taking this into production.

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10 months ago

absolutely, check yoff/obm

2 years ago

Do you know if Ahsay OBM can be run in Docker?