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This is the scanner app of the YOMYPOPCORN stack. It does the following tings:

  • Full scan: Periodically scans the Popcorn API for new shows.
  • Active scan: Periodically checks all active shows (shows that will have new episodes) for new episodes.
  • Prepare Yo messages: Prepares a new Yo message for every subscriber of a show when a new episode is available.
  • Prepare tweets: Prepares a new tweet when a new episode of a show is available.


npm install -g yomypopcorn-scanner

Command-line Usage


Deamon mode. Periodically perform both types of scans. See *-scan-cron-pattern options.


Scan the Popcorn API for new shows.

yomypopcorn-scanner --full-scan

Check active shows for new episodes.

yomypopcorn-scanner --active-scan


  • -d | --debug: Print debug output to the console.
  • --redis-socket <path>: Connect to Redis through a Unix socket instead of over the network.
  • --redis-host <host> (default: Hostname or IP of the Redis server.
  • --redis-port <port> (default: 6379): Port of the Redis server.
  • --redis-password <password>: Password of the Redis server.
  • --eztv-rate-limit <requests/per-ms> (default: 1/1000): Rate limit for the Popcorn API in number of requests per number of milliseconds. E.g. "1/1000" is once every second, "10/60000" is ten times every minute.
  • --full-scan-cron-pattern (default: `0 0 0 `)*: A cron pattern for the full scan in daemon mode.
  • --active-scan-cron-pattern (default: `0 0 1-23 `)*: A cron pattern for the active scan in daemon mode.



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